Princeton Zoning Lab | A collaboration with Tiger Labs, the Princeton Zoning Lab aims to develop AI to support New Jersey municipalities in their zoning code assessment. The ambition for the Princeton Zoning Lab is to innovate new methods of zoning analysis that coordinate with human interaction.  2024 – ongoing.

Felting Algorithms | This project synthesizes crafting expertise, algorithmic design, and robotic tool-pathing toward the design and fabrication of 8’ x 8’ prototypes of felted architecture. The work will translate needle-felting into CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) operations, similar to 3D printing. Supported by a Flash Grant from the Princeton University Humanities Council.  2022 – 2023.

Rapid Response | Rapid COVID Response Architectures to design and fabricate Personal Protective Equipment, using 3D printers and other tools in the SOA lab spaces.  Supported by the Princeton Urban Imagination Center.  2020.

R:R |  The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has commissioned new work from Black Box founding director Assistant Professor V. Mitch McEwen.  Black Box Research Group is producing the architectural models and innovating full scale fabrication techniques for the related exhibition Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America, opening at MoMA October 17, 2020 and exhibiting through January 2021. Supported by the Princeton Urban Imagination Center.

BioFab | Black Box has built out the newest and smallest lab on Princeton’s campus, a facility dedicated to biofabrication.  According to national hemp building material suppliers, it is also the largest hemp insulated structure in New Jersey.  Summer 2019- ongoing.

Megascope | Emerging from a Princeton BIM Incubator workshop in April 2019, the Megascope is a prototype of a WEB DuBois science fiction invention in augmented reality and data visualization.  2020-ongoing.

Gadget Language | Black Box developed a set of scripts written on the Google Cloud Platform for Raspberry Pi to compile live conversations into one google slides file as text.  The working prototype is called the IdeasBox.  2019.  The next phase of the project will develop methods to call the Google AI language processing into interaction with lighting, heating, fans, drones, and groups of small robots.

Hot Chairs | Starting with the Hot Grandma Chair in 2018, Black Box designed and fabricated a set of chairs with a robotic arm and low cost materials.  2018.